Stuetzpunkt Foundation constituted by Boris Lurie on Jan 27, 2005

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Founder: Boris Lurie
Presidency: Rudij Bergmann, Matthias Reichelt
Economic Supervisor: to be determined
Seat of Foundation: Liechtenstein
Seat of Management: place of residence of the executive president
Advisory Committee: Dietmar Kirves, Gertrude Stein, Charly Rehwinkel
in association with
     Aleksey Dayen, Curt Germundson, Amikam Goldman, Rudolf Herz, Eckhart Holzboog,
     Armin Hundertmark, Dr. Volkhard Knigge, Beatrice Lecornu-Hamilton, Max Liljefors,
     Estera Milman, Clayton Patterson, Rainer Rumold, Naomi Tereza Salmon,
     Arturo Schwartz, Inga Schwede, Klaus Theuerkauf, Sibylle Wittmann

Should a member of the advisory committee distinguish himself in support of NO!art, a member of the presidency has the right to request the individual to make himself available as a candidate as a third member of the presidency. A two-third majority of the advisory committee and the presidency is necessary for the member to be elected as a third member of the presidency as well as the advisory committee.
The decision making process will have to be in written form through mail, email or fax. Personal meetings of the advisors for which the foundation pays honoraria, lodging, food expenses are regrettably impossible.

The Economic Supervisor still has to be found and determined. All decisions with respect to foundation’s estate have to be approved by him as well by at least one member of the presidency. The Economic supervisor can make proposals and has to convince at least one member of the presidency in order implementation.. When the presidency considers buying or selling works of art, or ponders general economic questions they should consult also with the art dealers Armin Hundertmark, Gertrude Stein, Arturo Schwartz as well as the publisher Eckhart Holzboog and Rene Frank, Gianpaolo Bonafomi, Dr. Jo Camponovo and consider their advise in the decision making process.

When historical and current strategic issues are at stake, Dietmar Kirves, Gertrude Stein and Charly Rehwinkel should be consulted.

The founder Boris Lurie will direct the foundation and decide on its policy and activities during his lifetime. He is required to inform the presidency about his decisions. The presidency has to execute Mr. Lurie’s decisions. Boris Lurie has the right to dissolve the foundation at any point, to dismiss the presidency, the executive president and the advisory committee or single members of either group.

Should a member of the presidency resign, the advisory committee and the remaining member(s) of the presidency will have to find and elect a successor from inside or outside the foundation. A two-third majority is required for election to the presidency.

Salaries, Honoraria:
All members working on behalf of the foundation will receive a modest honorarium as well as reimbursements of travel expenses, food and lodging if necessary based on their individual contribution and efforts.
The executive president who conducts the day to day activity out of his apartment is entitled to receive a salary of modest proportions as approved by Mr. Lurie and the presidency. The salary can be changed through a two-third majority of the advisory plus the presidency.

The foundation’s Missions:
1. The foundation is cultural and political. The foundation is allowed to interfere in cultural and social affairs.
2. In some instances the foundation can support left-wing radical projects in literature and film.
3. Absolutely no support may be given to careerists solely in pursuit of art world recognition. The support and initiation of revolutionary art and revolutionary culture is at the core of the foundations mission. (This core mission does not exclude the possibility of support for the work of particularly gifted artists in rare individual cases although these works are not deemed radical or revolutionary.)
4. No activities against the state of Israel in its current state is permissible.