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COMMENT: The writing style of the trademark "NO!ART" is absolutely wrong. Boris Luries wish was always to write "NO" with big letters and "art" with small letters. Because NO is the important message, not the manipulated art. In all our publications you will find the correct spelling "NO!art". People who use other notations has never understand the aims of NO!art and what NO!art means.

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related:  ANN K. FORD is a correspondent of NO!ART trademark.

ABOUT TRADEMARK CORRESPONDENT: Ann K. Ford (2045 records) | This page contains all the U.S. trademarks filed by Ann K. Ford, a trademark correspondent at ********** in 500 Eig... , Washington , DC 20004 . Ann K. Ford has filed a total of 2045 trademarks in the United States Patent and Trademark Office. It is possible that Ann K. Ford has also filed other trademarks through his/her firm or company, and these are not listed in the list below. The list below is generated based on trademark correspondent identification information provided to the United States Patent Office (USPTO). |  read more


NO!art icon | click & viewThe Boris Lurie Art Foundation copied this logo from the NO!art website Since March 2004 I used this sign on my NO!art mailhead for  newsletters which I sent to involved NO!art people.
Ronaldo Brunet designed the icon (the Mark) together with the bookcover in the 70s for the first  NO!art anthology, which came to light 1988 at Edition Hundertmark in Cologne.