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installed on May 2012

Boris Lurie Nameplate

Boris KLurie Art Reference Room at Tel Aviv Museum

Boris KLurie Art Reference Room at Tel Aviv Museum

Boris KLurie Art Reference Room at Tel Aviv Museum

Boris KLurie Art Reference Room at Tel Aviv Museum

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Report by AMIKAM GOLDMAN, Tel Aviv | August 2014:

I went to talk with Ms. Yaffa Goldfinger, the head of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art Library. Ms. Yaffa Goldfinger asked me if I knew that Boris Lurie had a family. I told her he didn't and she said he did - and began talking about Gertrude Stein ... The story is this: About a year ago the Tel Aviv Museum of Art got a call from Gertrude Stein, telling she would like to donate money to the museum. The museum directed her to Ms. Yaffa Goldfinger in the Library, who at the time worked hard on the new location and the transfer of the place. Yaffa and the museum people told Gertrude Stein that they want to invest the donation in the "Israeli Art Reference Room" - that is the archive room of all Israeli artist since 1920's until today, all these blue and yellow folders include material about different Israeli artists, catalogs, newspapers, etc. - Gertrude agreed to this idea. The first part of the plan was the transfer and arranging of the new room - the second part which they are working on it now (and that's were they need most of the money), is to scan and digitize ALL this material.

Gertrude Stein is giving the money for all this project. Ms. Yaffa Goldfinger was in New York in Gertrude Stein's place on Central Park. She had the impression of a some strange about Gertrude Stein who told her about the Boris Lurie Art Foundation, told her she was Boris's lover all these years, even when her husband was alive and that she was Boris closest friend, in other words, she was like a family to him [1] - many details she did not mentioned ...

I talked to Ms. Goldfinger about 20 minutes, telling her some details about the relationship they had, about the fight over the foundation, about Boris’s art and money, about your NO!art website, and the lack of trust I have in Gertrude. But the facts are facts, and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art is getting money from her. Ms. Goldfinger didn't know to say if the money comes from Gertrude Stein herself or from the foundation - but I’m sure we know the answer for that - one thing she mentioned was that the Library had few visits from Gertrude’s people, one of them was that lawyer Dr. Geo Campanovo. Another thing she mentioned, was one hard time she really got from Gertrude Stein was about the placard "Boris Lurie Art Reference Room", she had to replace it 3 times, until Gertrude was satisfied with it. more

[1] Comment by Dietmar Kirves: If Gertrude was Boris's closest friend why she did nothing for him in the art scene between 1966 and 2010? I remember, that she was very angry about all what we did and also about our shows at Janos Gat Gallery and Clayton Patterson's Gallery.

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