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Director: Gertrude Stein

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Gertrude Stein in her appartment at Central Park
Gertrude Stein in her appartement at Central Park, New York

PLOT: The Boris Lurie Art Foundation, New York, brought in on June 11, 2010 the NO!art in the commercial register as a Trademark. On February 24, 2011 an ultimatum was issued to me by the Boris Lurie Art Foundation up to March 15, 2011, the term NO!ART not to use any more and to transfer the Domain www.no-art.info to them. Should this not occur till then, they will pursue other legal remedies.
Fact: I worked together with Boris Lurie more than 30 years around the NO!art to bring the movement to the public and to involve other artists. Out of it resulted among others the firs  NO!art anthology 1988 as a book, as well as other books, cataloges, exhibitions and films, which are to be seen on the NO!art websites. In 2008 Boris Lurie died. He was the last initiator of the NO!art movement. It does not correspond to the interest of Boris Lurie and all involved artists, to book the NO!art with a trademark and to limit therefore the freedom of the NO!art movement.
Gertrude Stein said: "Until the day he died, in January 2008, he dreamed of a foundation. We worked toward this for 50(?) years, and upon his death, I organized and fought for a meaningful art message that would encompass what Boris struggled to bring to fruition his entire life." [Copmment:: That's the best lie I hear ever in my life. We wait for more lies!
Remember: Gertrude Stein did nothing for the NO!art between 1964 and Boris' death 2008. And what is with Boris' Last Will? With his Board and testament? Gertrude Stein changed in it in her own way. Lurie’s investments were worth an estimated $80 million. Gertrude Stein is related neither by blood nor marriage with Boris Lurie.
Attention: Be careful in your end. The dealers will sit nearby you and will change your testament, because for them the best artist is a dead artist. The dead artist can never fuck back. Who is the winner in this game?

We cannot ignore the facts any longer.

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1999-11-05  NO!art Web Registration
2005-01-27  Stuetzpunkt Foundation Constituted by Boris Lurie
2008-01-07  Boris Died
2009-08-10  About Gertrude Stein and her Gallery
2009-08-11  BORIS LURIE ART FOUNDATION [BLAF] Established by Gertrude Stein
— — — —    BLAF Patronship Grants
— — — —    BLAF Artist Limitations
2009-08-12  BLAF Websites and Copied Texts from NO!art Sites
2010-01-04  Lurie’s Investments were Worth an Estimated $80 Million
2010-06-04  BLAF's Beginning with Exhibition Activities
2011-02-17  Anthony Williams --- Stein's right-hand man
2011-02-17  NO!art DOMAIN INFRINGEMENT and Response by Dietmar Kirves
2011-03-22  BLAF Trademark and NO!art Logo
2012-05-04  Boris Lurie Art Reference Room at the Tel Aviv Museum
2012-11-20  BLAF sponsored ANDY WARHOL
2014-06-01  BLAF Starts with Promotion
2014-08-01  BLAF Warehouse Gallery
2018-07-01  Getrude Stein on Boris Lurie
2019-07-20  Inauguration of the Boris Lurie Art & Dada Study Center, Ein Hod

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